Welcome to Reema’s Garden!! This blog is dedicated to all the green cover lovers. I have been questioned on several occasions by different people about how I grow and maintain my plants, how I plan my garden, how to start terrace gardening etc. With no technical/biological/botanical terminologies used, I hope to keep the blog as SIMPLE as I can and I will try and discuss all the basics of gardening. This blog is a sincere attempt to SIMPLIFY and promote gardening and plantation activities.   As we proceed I would love to write articles on topics suggested by you and answer your questions.  Looking forward to an interactive blog!!!


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Single Vs. Double

We know flowers help attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We also know that the flowers have to be native/indigenous! What next? It is said that the bees and butterflies prefer single petaled flowers more than double. Confused? Look the following pictures. The images to left indicate single petaled flowers and the images to the … Continue reading Single Vs. Double

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