Welcome to Reema’s Garden!! This blog is dedicated to all the green cover lovers. I have been questioned on several occasions by different people about how I grow and maintain my plants, how I plan my garden, how to start terrace gardening etc. With no technical/biological/botanical terminologies used, I hope to keep the blog as SIMPLE as I can and I will try and discuss all the basics of gardening. This blog is a sincere attempt to SIMPLIFY and promote gardening and plantation activities.   As we proceed I would love to write articles on topics suggested by you and answer your questions.  Looking forward to an interactive blog!!!

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6 Days to Go!

Be with me as we walk together to make Your Home Greener! Starting 21st July 2017! A complete guide to design your Garden! Click the icons on top right corner to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus!  

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